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New threats are created and released every day

Looking for Antivirus protection for your workstation, servers or I.T. infrastructure? With approximately 55,000 new viruses created each day and a total of over 50,000,000 viruses floating around the world wide web, you certainly require protection you can trust on any device connecting to the internet.

Installed and up-to-date?

Does your business currently use Antivirus? Does your server have Antivirus installed? Does your e-mail server have Antivirus installed? Does your workstation have Antivirus installed and is it up to date? Whichever your device, you should have Antivirus installed on your Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Apple Macs and if your being ultra cautious, even your mobile phone!

Its a sad fact today that all systems need protection

Although thankfully this is becoming rare, we still visit businesses that have been advised by their I.T. support specialist that they do not need Antivirus on their servers. If your I.T. support specialist has advised you of this, you should contact us or seek further professional advice immediately.

We have been partnered with our chosen Vendors “AVG” and “Trend Micro” since our launch in 2004. AVG has some enhanced features over Trend and Trend has some more advanced features over AVG. We have chosen these two vendors because they are both top of their field and each vendor suits a certain business setup differently. Being an independent I.T. specialist, we base our recommendations on our client’s specific requirements and select either AVG, Trend Micro or another vendor should it be suitable.

We have priority technical support for each vendor, so be rest assured in the event of any problem, if you choose us to install & manage, your security experience will be problem and worry free.

Our Antivirus solutions don’t just scan for Viruses, they scan for malware, root-kits, bots, mailers, spyware and rogue antivirus programs. Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced edition also includes advanced virus and spam protection for exchange server stopping a large percentage of spam and viruses before they reach the users mailboxes.

AVG has several different versions of its Antivirus packages, right from a basic protection package for PCs right up to a business internet security edition covering e-mail and file servers. Just like Trend Micro, AVG also has a central monitoring administration console with e-mail alerting. This gives internal or external I.T. administrators the chance to monitor hundreds of users at once for any new infections seamlessly.

Feel free to contact one of our Antivirus security engineers to discuss your requirements (or worries) in detail. We have many years of experience installing Antivirus solutions and removing the toughest infections, so be confident you’re in safe hands. We offer our Antivirus solutions throughout Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford Essex, Ipswich Suffolk and further afield throughout East Anglia and Outer London.


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  • Link Scanner
  • Realtime Protection
  • Centrally Managed
  • Rollout Installations



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