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Increase your download and upload

You can use our bonding solution with your existing ISP's to create a faster connection. This allows for example up to 8 routers to make 8 independent connections to 8 ISPs and our bonding routers then perform their magic by creating one faster and reliable connection for you to use.

IP addresses? Load balancing?

Once our bonding routers have connected to our aggregators, our bonding service becomes your ISP. You can purchase additional static IPs, have routable blocks of 8 or 16. Due to the clever bonding technology, if one of your connections fail, you will not lose your connection or static IPs. In fact, there will be no interruption whatsoever. Your connection simply drops from being 8 times as fast to 7 until the line in question becomes active again. Simple!

Statistics and 99.99% uptime.

We offer complete statistics for your ADSL or DSL lines including connection speed, uptime, downtime, usage, plus more. Our service provider’s equipment is monitored and managed 24/7/365 so have the confidence that your connection will be online 99.99% of the time.

Works with your existing broadband.

We have many clients already using this service successfully, Vodafone suresignal is 100% compatible and to date, there has never been a WAN setup we cannot migrate to one of our bonded solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, we understand your frustrations of slow or unreliable BT connections in remote locations far from an exchange and will happily restore your confidence back in to your internet connection.

We offer our ADSL bonding solutions throughout Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford Essex, Ipswich Suffolk and further afield throughout East Anglia and Outer London. We can also work nationally all over the UK if you already have an I.T. specialist or are happy to work with us using telephone support to guide you through the setup. We can pre-configure the bonding routers in our workshop, so you only need to plug them in on arrival. We can do the rest for you.

Ok you've sold me how much are we talking?

  Professional Package Business Package

One off cost

Bonding Account Setup
£49 £49
Equipment Options (select brand)
Netgear ADSL Bonding Router *
£49 £49
LinkSys ADSL Bonding Router *
£60 £60
Granite DSL Power Router *
£149 £149
Optional - Onsite Setup
£100 £150
Delivery Charges
£10 £10


Included Static IP Addresses 1 1
Maximum Number of Lines 2 8
Price Per Line
£10 £20
Additional Static IP Addresses
£5 £5

All prices are excluding VAT
* 1 router required per line.



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