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Protect your important data from intruders

Ever lost your Laptop or Netbook? Left it on a train or worst been stolen? Then wondered what will happen to all your sensitive data? remembered passwords? private documents or photos? Well, if it's already happened, there's not a lot you can do, but looking forward, you should consider using encryption on your new device.

keep your data safe and secure

Encryption solutions for desktops and removable usb drives

We can encrypt entire hard disk drives or partitions for PCs, laptops and servers. We can also create encrypted storage container files on USB memory sticks or flash cards which will enable you keep your data safe and secure should it fall into the wrong hands.

We can perform our encryption services at our workshop or using remote control technology. Or if you have a server solution you wish to encrypt or a network of devices, this can be performed onsite at your premises on our standard hourly rate.

We provide our encryption services in and around Colchester, Chelmsford and throughout Essex or in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk.

Feel free to contact one of our encryption technicians who will be happy to help.

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